Module magento - Gallery v1.0.0

Advanced Gallery Module allows users to create extensive galleries, thumbnails, and a collection of photos


[12-07-2014] Version v1.2.3 - Added lorem ipsum

[12-07-2014] Version v1.2.3 - Added lorem ipsum

[12-07-2014] Version v1.2.3 - Added lorem ipsum






Adding collection

Edit / Delete a collection

Adding / Removing collection


Binding publicSTARAWWW/images of products



To install, use the Magento Connect Manager from the System menu.

Select the module and click Upload.


To view the module configuration enter the menu Tools-> Gallery-> Configuration.

Configuring Magento

Configuration Description:

Thumbnail size - length is reduced to the short side of the photo

Message of the product - the content of which is displayed above the list of products (if the products are added to the image)

Automatic scrolling gallery - you can set whether the gallery will scroll by clicking on the image or not. If you select "yes" it is another option available which determine the display time of the image.

Replacing template category - if we have our own about the change this option to "no" you'll have to manually add a block from the gallery in the appropriate file (see below for additional configuration section)

Additional configuration

To add a block to a gallery anywhere on your website using the built-in template editor Magento, enter the following code:

{{Block type = "websoft_galeria / compositions" name = "websoft.galeria.compositions" composition_id = "2"}}

Where composition_id need to change the id of the desired composition.

If you have your own theme to turn off the "Replacing the template category" in the configuration, and then paste the template file block Maget_Catalog_Block_Category_View

(By default it is: app / design / frontend / base / default / template / catalog / category / view.phtml)

<? Php echo ?>

An example can be seen in the file app \ design \ frontend \ base \ default \ template \ Websoft \ gallery \ view.phtml


Adding collection

To add a collection we enter into the gallery-> Collectibles and then click the Add New button.

Fill in the fields:

Edit / Delete a collection

To edit or delete a collection, click on the row with the selected collection of the list:

Changing the fields of interest to us, or click the "Delete" button in the upper right corner of the screen:

Adding / Removing collection

To add or delete a photo, click on the appropriate link in the list of the collection:

To add photos select the photo, select the "Add" and click "Submit".

The same is true for the removal of publicSTARAWWW/images:


Uploading photos

To upload photos enter the Magento directory, then ws_galeria -> publicSTARAWWW/images

In this directory, you can upload photos:

Now, run the Magento administration panel, then Tools -> Gallery -> Photos

On this screen, click the "Refresh pictures" to scan the directory "publicSTARAWWW/images" (and create minitaurki for new pictures) which contains our image.

The "Refresh Thumbnails" rebuild thumbnails for all publicSTARAWWW/images, it is useful when changing the size of the thumbnails in the configuration, the new publicSTARAWWW/images will be added to the new size of the thumbnails, but the earlier pictures are thumbnails of the previous size.

Binding publicSTARAWWW/images of products

To add products to your photos click "Edit product" for the photos.

Choose interesting our photos from the list, then select the action "Save", and click "Submit".

Pushpins products

In the image of the associated products we can set a pushpin where these products are located.

Configuration is done by pressing the "Edit tacks" in the "Nardzędzia-> Gallery-> Stock":

NOTE: The image must be defined / related products to view pin to select it.

Then, the field appears to us to edit tacks:

Each pin is a single product. In chmurkach after hitting a thumbtack shows the name of the product.

To not display the pins with the product, just move it to the top edge of the image.

After recording the album, we shall see in the picture:

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