Module magento - Adminlog v1.0

The module allows you to login time which employees have spent in the panel


[12-07-2014] Version v1.2.3 - Added lorem ipsum

[12-07-2014] Version v1.2.3 - Added lorem ipsum

[12-07-2014] Version v1.2.3 - Added lorem ipsum

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Viewing activity.

Failed login



To install, use the Magento Connect Manager from the System menu.

Select the module and click Upload.



To configure the module, use the Configuration option from the Tools> Loger.

To log the activity of users in the administration panel, activate the activity.

To log events, such as creating orders, add comments, or change the storage to enable the event.

To enable the collection of information about failed logins option is unsuccessful logon attempts.



By selecting the event log events from the Tools -> Loger can view recorded events.

You will see a table with information about events. The table includes information such event date, the user who made the change / entry, the property changed / added, id object, and the IP address of the login user.

The table can be sorted and filtered, it is possible to also export to CSV and XML.

Directly from the table we can move on to the modified object by clicking on its ID, and to edit the employee by clicking his name.

Comments have additional information about the person who comments added.



There are two ways to view user activity, in the form of a table and report.

The table shows the activity time employees at the time, and the IP address from which a user login.

The report allows you to view the time log grouped into day, month or year. The time is displayed as grouped by weeks, days, hours, minutes and also as the total number of seconds.

Both the table and the report can be exported to CSV and XML.


Logon Failed selecting the menu Tools> Loger have access to information when it tried to unauthorized access.

The list can see information such as login, you tried to use a logon failure reason, the IP address from which the attempted login was made, and the exact date of the event.

The report can be exported to CSV and XML.

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