Advanced hosting magento

Hard to store 2000 MB
Transfer of annual 1020 GB
Number of request 200
Panel www YES
e-mail 10
200 $ / YEAR
Hard to store 2000 MB
Transfer m-c 120 GB
Number of request 500
Panel www YES
e-mail 10
39 $ / Month
Hard to store 35 GB
Transfer m-c 600 GB
RAM 2048 MB
Processor 4 x 2,93 GHz
Panel www YES
79 $ / Month

* Servers based on branded solutions
* Servers have a very fast SSD
* All prices are net prices
* In the case of the EU VAT is net price

  We are a relatively young company in the market , operating since August 2011. We were established as a response to the demand for services on the market in the design and manufacture of small, medium and large projects. Despite the " young age " the company has access to experts and specialists in various fields, which could boast of adequate technical knowledge and content supported by many years of experience. Projects conducted by us are trying to perform at a high level , all using the best tools , procedures and practices. However, do not move beyond a framework that outlines the customer . We are a kind of advisory body suggesting the best approach to design customer. However, this customer is decisive sentence and must be satisfied with the performance , timing and budget of the project. We are flexible as to the methodology and methods of manufacturing and design , as well as technology , communication, implementation and co-operation.

  We offer a set of services that will ensure the maintenance of your websites and e-mail support and dynamic database applications - that is, all the necessary elements for the effective functioning of your online business! Our stable servers and high-speed Internet as well as skilled administrators will make your website and your e-mail address is always reachable for users from virtually anywhere in the world. Our offer is prepared based on years of experience in the provision of web hosting services offering a ready-made list of possibilities and technical parameters.

  • FUTURE-SOFT SP. Z O.O., ul. Gosławicka 2/215,
    45-446 Opole
  • +48 606 405 680
  • +48 775 466 174
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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