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Professional CRM systems

System CRM

The broker for consignment management.
Made with Zend, extjs, sql.
The system allows you to handle shipments abroad
The application is available in 3 different language versions with the option of extension for a further languages.

The system has additional integration with: ebay, Allegro, magento, plentymarkets.


System CRM

The broker for consignment management.
Made with Zend, extjs, sql.
Capabilities of the system allow you to connect several couriers at the same time and shipment handling.

Due to the requirements of security, performance and scalability of the system will be divided into the following layers:
• the client tier.
• User Layer (divided into roles depending on the department).
• database layer.
• API courier companies.



Professional CMMS systems

System CMMS

The system for managing customers, employees and notifications about failures.
Made with Zend, extjs, sql.

Customer notification is received in a system where applications selects the type of application and equipment which the application for registration.

Administrators and staff added to the system, see the application and may have to be given answers and assign staff to repair.

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