Modul magento - Sendungen v1.0

Das Modul ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Ware zu versenden, um den Preis bezogen auf das Gewicht und die Abmessungen bestimmen

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Description of the parameters





To install, use the Magento Connect Manager from the System menu.

Select the module and click Install.



To configure the module, use the Configuration option from the Tools> Shipment.

To option is available to select customers on request.

Then, you can configure the name under which they will be concealed shipping.

To configure the couriers must first export the settings to a CSV file, and then fill it with data. Sample data is added to a CSV file.


Rules can also be defined by selecting the list from the Tools menu> Shipment.

We usually add, delete and edit.




* - Special character, if you set the asterisk, it means that we do not limit the rules here. For example, if you set the star at max. mass, it would mean that the package does not have a weight limit.

Name - The name of the shipping method tend to be grouped just after the name, the client displays only one option (the cheapest) with the name, fulfilling all the conditions of shipment.

ZIP - You can set the shipping as available only in selected zip code for a * will be substituted by any data. The asterisk should be placed at the end.

Price - the parameter is the shipping cost of the method. When it is defined, you can use mathematical expressions and variables:

·          TopSize {{}} - is set to the largest dimension of the product,

·          Weigth {{}} - the total weight of ordered products

Mass max. - Maximum weight of goods that can be placed in a package

Weight min. - Minimum weight of goods that can be placed in the package.

Width, height, depth max. - Maximum parcel size.

Width, height, depth min. - Minimum parcel size.

Excluded content - this is the value corresponding to a type of product which can not send a carrier, type a semicolon;

Link tracking - this is a link to the pattern tracking, expression {{num}} will be replaced with a tracking number.




Module to be able to correctly choose the appropriate package for the purchased product, must be set additional parameters such as height, width and depth of the container, and, optionally, the type of content.

For this purpose, we have a new tab in the editing of the product shipment.

Additional options parameter, special content, we can add in the edit attributes.

If you want to use the other fields to supplement w / w value (eg, already added), you can select the fields for configuring the module.



When creating a shipment, we can add a tracking number.

Once approved, and click on Track Order us a window will appear with a link leading to the tracking system of the operator, if such a link is defined in the configuration.

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