THAT WAY [added: 14-07-2014]

Current articles in the field of Magento

The project implemented in the e Commerce Magento.
We have made the implementation of the template, along with modifications to the request:
- additional slider
- Additional box facebook
- Changes in the template

In addition it was made basic configuration of shipments and payments.
The client received a complete shop ready to sell their products.

About the authors store:
Agnieszka and Mr. Damian. The parents of two wonderful kids. Mark, That way, was founded in 2014., Although the idea was maturing for a long time. In the shop you will find unique, sometimes limited collection designed by Ms. Agnieszka.

About the author:
The work of the author fills a microcosm of the form and makropaleta personality. Form, texture and shapes exist in different spaces (with the prospect or not). Although it is not a zoologist-robakologiem or psychologist-terapeutystą nor ... kształtologiem-astronaut ... although he always wanted to be a bit of each of them;)

The decision:
Agnieszka Kucharska-Zajkowska - graphic designer and illustrator, a graduate of the Graphics Department of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, designed for children and presents what he sees, just "in such a way."
That way an excuse for the imagination, it's clothing, accessories and books, which invite you to experience the adventure and accompany small and large ... good morning and good night.

  • FUTURE-SOFT SP. Z O.O., ul. Gosławicka 2/215,
    45-446 Opole
  • +48 606 405 680
  • +48 775 466 174
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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