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Project X
For over a year I have a great idea for a project that will change the world of IT forever. Years of experience have resulted in our minds that came up with the idea, which is the next step in the evolution of IT. The project of its size is comparable to giants such as FB, Google, Wiki, or YouTube. Implementation of the some estimate as unworkable, but we think this project is the most real and sooner or later the world will go in the direction that we have long since we have chosen. After implementation of the project, we see great profits and benefits, however, the execution of the project need huge resources. The first phase of the project is research to confirm the feasibility of our idea. Already they have done little fitting and audited projects supporting the implementation of this product. No less at a low cost a few hundred thousand, we are able to confirm the feasibility and perform Phase I, which will be profitable. The next stages are much more expensive but the result of each stage of the product earning for themselves. The project really is not finished and is still growing. But after about the fourth stage, we see the possibility of returns on investment and measures that rapidly will subsidize the project that a domino effect will duplicate invested funds.

We invite all serious investors to talk. People with open minds and a "big wallet." Because, unfortunately, but the project requires large financial resources. There is a principle of "the more you put in, the more and faster you pull." Currently we do not have a business plan, technical design, and this type of similar documents. If it will be necessary to try for it. However, investors are counting on the imagination, the very idea is enough to imagine what's involved, and how powerful returns on investment draws the future. Welcome, knowledge of IT and its development.

Project Y
Project Y is not a big project in comparison to project X. It can be said that this is another project of the "on which people take money from the EU." No less difference lies in the fact that the project is interesting and works for a good cause. It is more than time and sells products that are not material  and so callous as nowadays imposed on us by the market and the economy. Products are eternal and timeless. What straightens consciousness of the people of this world.

When wymyśleliśmy this product, there was still such a market. Currently we registered with the two products in Poland and one in the USA. You could say, that the market is not saturated and there is what to share. However, after examining these products came to two conclusions. First is the market for this type of products / services and it's pretty good. Second, we create a slightly different product, which few but quite significantly different which is of extreme importance. We think that this nuance may result in the acquisition market.

Project value at hundreds, not millions. We are interested in investors who have a large portfolio and release a small amount of a good cause does not make much difference to them. Because the project will be earned at each other, but not as quickly as the project X. We believe that the only TV ads can give the project a powerful movement and a rapid return. And these are expensive, so do not count and thus the project will be addressed existence is slowly From one year to another. Once again we invite all interested parties to the talks.
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